Consulting services

With over 3 years of deep experience and success with mobile products, the SiVola team is happy to start offering consulting services for you and your company.
Why consulting? In the past year or so we have been approached multiple times by people in our personal networks, to get an opinion about an app idea they had, a user interface they were developing, a market strategy to launch the app, how to best integrate and leverage social networks, etc. The results have been great for the people that used our recommendations; so great that we started being a little overwhelmed by the requests (word of mouth apparently still works well in real world despite all the social networks ;-). Therefore now we decided to streamline the process a little bit and to offer the possibility to reserve our consulting services directly from our site. If you can't wait to find out all the secrets behind apps that have been for over 2 years in the top charts of various app stores, drove the attention of companies like Microsoft and Samsung, then keep reading about our offering!

Product definition, user experience, business and marketing services:
  • feedback on app ideas or beta releases
  • review and optimization of user experience and interface (from user flow down to labeling or button positioning) for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
  • selection of the right business models and monetization strategy (free, freemium, advertising, in-app purchase, and more ;) for your apps
  • social networking leverage and social media strategy development
  • sharing of marketing vehicles and techniques to successfully launch apps 
  • suggestion of app features and strategies to engage and retain users
  • cross-marketing opportunity

Engineering services:
  • technical support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 
  • fast check on apps or features feasibility from a technical perspective based on device and operating system capabilities
  • programmable web integration and enormous potentiality for your apps
  • all the secrets behind Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Dropbox APIs: if you think you just need to read the documentation (what documentation btw?) you just never tried to do anything serious and advanced
  • introduction to expert and internationally acclaimed graphic designers
  • pointers to free graphic elements

Please send an email at and will be happy to take it from there!
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